Retaining Walls

We do all types of walls ranging from boundary walls, block walls, rock walls, featuerd walls, garden walls, etc.

There is many types of walls, some are dry and some wet stacked.

Dry stack walls allow moisture and water to evaporate or flow through the wall.

Wet stack walls retains the water through a Aggregated drain system, which is drained into the stormwater.

Most wet stack walls are concrete sleeper walls, it is highly recommended that this type of walling should not be made by WOODEN sleepers.

There is a lot of different types of products for dry stack walls, including concrete block, rocks and stones.

Depending on the type of land mass area that needs to be retained, whether its a cut in to the land or there is a need for land fill to be retained, it is best that the area be examined by a licensed Wall builder, even if the land mass is under one metre in height.

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