Fencing & Gates

All new boundary fences over 2.1 metres high need council approval and it is important to remember that it is not fencing fact standards to have soil up against the steel sheets. If the soil is at a height where it will touch the sheets a concrete plinth needs to be installed.

A good neighbour fence is the type of fence to install if plinths are needed. The plinth has to been taken into consideration into the overall height.

Pool and gate fencing have fencing Acts regulations to follow and it is important that they are constructed by a license installer. There is many ground rules about all types of fencing but Pool fencing are very strict due their importance.

It is important to choose the right fencing material due to over substandard materials.

Good Neighbour Fencing


Under the Fence Plinth

Post & Rail

Fences on Walls

Pedestrians Gates

Sliding Gates & Screens